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Here you will find sketches of astronomical objects I made at the telescope. Shortly after starting observing with my telescope I found that simply recording in writing what I saw through the eyepiece wasn't adequate so I started making sketches of the objects I was observing. Sketches are a realistic way of recreating the images seen through a telescope and are comparatively easy to make. I have used nothing more than simple white paper and lead pencils of different hardness (soft, medium and hard) and an eraser.

How I Made My Sketches

I start a sketch of any given object by carefully studying it in the eyepiece for at least 10 - 30 minutes, taking in as much details as I can. Then I plot the background stars and the main features of the object, putting in lesser and fainter features as I progress. I write down descriptions of all relevant details as well. In this way, I end up with a rough version of the sketch as well as a written record of the object. The next day I complete the sketch, working from the draft and written record to produce the final version. To get the realistic white stars on black background feel, I then scan the image into the computer and make it into a negative.

Location & Instrument Used

My early observations, dated 1998 - 2001 were all made from a small town in the Netherlands, called Alphen aan den Rijn, which suffers from quite a bit of light pollution. The vast majority of these were made with an 8" Dobsonian reflector with some made with a 4.5" Equatorial Newtonian. I have indicated the magnifications used on each sketch as well as filters, where applicable.

New observations, starting in 2010, were made in Calgary, Alberta using either a 3" Dobsonian reflector or a 6" Dobsonian reflector. Regularly, the skies in Calgary are crisp and clear due to the low humidity and the observations with the smaller scopes rival those of the larger ones in more light polluted areas.

Also in 2010, Louise has started putting some of her sketches up on the site. These can be found in "Louise's Corner"!

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To navigate through this site simply click on the blue button to the left of the category of objects you wish to view in the table below. I've also included a section entitled "New" where the most recent sketches will be listed.

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Solar System Objects 10
Double Stars 16
Open Clusters 82
Globular Clusters 30
Planetary Nebulae/SNRs 18
Bright Nebulae 6

Galaxies 53

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If you have any comments about this web-site, or would like to contact me for any other reason, please email me at geldorpmh@hotmail.com. I would like to hear from you.

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